Wedding Planning

Planning for the big day can come with a host of different things that need to be done in preparation for a wedding. In the beginning process of making arrangements for the special day, it can be fun and exciting, but it can turn into being stressful being that there are so many details and things that are to be done before the actual wedding takes place.

Master Goddess of Love is here to relieve and minimize as much wedding planning stress as possible. I can help reduce the amount of stress by guiding and assisting with the overall planning process including, budget analyzation, seeking a wedding officiant, picking out the wedding dress/s and tuxedo/s, choosing a venue to have the wedding event at, decor, and selecting catering. 

Wedding Officiant

Having a person that you are comfortable with to marry you is critical when exchanging vows during a wedding ceremony.

Master Goddess of Love is here to help with finding a wedding officiant that will be able to do the deed of vow exchanges between the husband and wife to be by passionately seeking a wedding officiant that will fit the needs of your wedding ceremony.


The Wedding Dress & Tuxedo

Picking and trying on different wedding dresses/Tuxedos can be fascinating, emotional and exhausting. Being a bride/groom to be and being bombarded with so many different wedding dress/tux options can make one's head spin. The importance of being happy and satisfied with the above-mentioned wedding attire is crucially important.

Master Goddess of Love is here to help with picking the best wedding attire that suits the bride/bridesmaids, groom/groomsmen, etc. I can do this by watching/assisting with trying on wedding attire and helping choose a choice that is authentically right. During the process, I will be honest about the specifics in regards to what wedding clothing attire does/doesn't suit well. My intent is to help ensure that the chosen wedding attire looks & feels good on the special day to come.


Wedding Venue/Place

Deciding where to have a wedding event take place is a critical part of the wedding planning process and can be time-consuming. There are many different places where a wedding event can take place. Having the perfect place to have a wedding/reception at is ideal.

Master Goddess of Love is here to help you find the best place to have your wedding at. I can do this by passionately seeking a place that is going to fit the wedding needs, wants and desires.

Wedding Decor

Setting up and arranging wedding decorations should be an exilarating time, however it can be a tiresome thing to endure on your own. Having wedding decor that your happy with is essential.

Master Goddess of Love is here to help with the decoration process by assisting with design ideas, themes, and set up. 

Wedding Decor Dinner Table

Wedding Catering

Ensuring that there is good food on the wedding day is an essential part of wedding planning. Having quality wedding cake and food on a wedding date is of strong importance.

Master Goddess of Love can help with finding a favorable catering place. In addition, I can help with choosing the specific kinds of cake, foods,drinks/beverages, etc that will best fit the needs of the wedding and its guests.

3 Tier Wedding Cake

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